Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Safety!

Seriously, more snow?  I can't take it anymore!  Yesterday, I had two appointments that I was not willing to cancel---regardless of the weather forecast.  I have to admit that my first appointment was for my hair.  I know that might sound vain, but I had already rescheduled once and we all know the importance of good hair!

On the way to my second appointment, I saw quite a few cars sliding across the road, stuck in a ditch or simply stalled for one reason or another.  I am very blessed to have a reliable vehicle with 4WD--a true godsend during bad weather.  Despite the reliability of your vehicle, it is still important to carry a few essential items in your vehicle during the winter season.  Winter can be treacherous and deceptive, so BE PREPARED! 

According to the state of MN Winter Survival Awareness guide, here is a list of items you might want to carry in your vehicle:

◦Pencil and paper

◦First aid kit, including any essential medications

◦Plastic flashlight with spare batteries (reverse the batteries to avoid accidental switching and burnout, and replace batteries yearly)

◦Two large plastic garbage bags, safety pins (bags are for insulation for feet, safety pins keep the bags together)

◦Snack foods for energy, such as candy bars.

•Some other items that you should carry include gloves or mittens, winter boots, a blanket and/or sleeping bag, jumper cables, a basic toolbox, shovel, bag of sand or other grit for traction, tow cable or chain, road flares and reflectors. You could also consider an extra set of dry clothing or a snowmobile suit.

•Whenever traveling in winter, call ahead to your destination and tell when you intend to leave, your travel route, and your expected time of arrival.

•If you become stranded, never leave your vehicle. Your chances of survival greatly increase if you stay put.

•Consider carrying a cellular phone for use during emergencies. Find a safe place to pull off the road when you need to make a call.

Until spring...


  1. I love the photo with the tree branches completely touching above the road!
    I am beginning to be tired of the snow. I will say though, it's very pretty and less gloomy than the usual grayness.
    We're supposed to get more of that white stuff overnight and tomorrow. I think there's close to 20" on the ground now. You may be having similar weather.

  2. Do you have all of those items in your vehicle? I know that you are organized but WOW that's a lot of stuff!