Friday, February 12, 2010

Etsy Carnival

This is my first post for the monthly Etsy Blog Carnival! I am supposed to share my favorite childhood memory from Valentine's Day. This is soooo easy for me because the memory is amazingly simple.  Growing up, I was never a Daddy's girl. That was my sister's job. I was a Mommy's girl...and still am. However, Valentine's Day was the one "Holiday" in which my Father would branch out and purchase something for all of his "girls". He wasn't a sentimental man, but then again, you really never know what's in a person's heart. You can only make a judgment based on his or her actions. At any rate, my Dad would always get Esther Price candy (usually shaped in heart box) and a card, which he signed "Pop". Now, I never called my dad "Pop", so I have no clue why he signed the card this way. Now, I think it must have been his own special way of saying "I Love You". Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly when I was in high school, so this simple memory of Valentine's Day is near and dear to my heart. I am so thankful for that little reminder that my "Dad" was a little bit quirky...oops, I mean my "Pop". Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. What a great memory! Now that I am a parent, when I go through the aisle with all of the red boxed candy I do think of what my parents got for us.

  2. Thanks for participating in the Blog Carnival. I got goose pimples reading your post and am so glad that you have that memory of your dad in your heart.