Friday, January 29, 2010

Get it done Friday!

Do you ever feel like you are going in a million different places, but you know you are still on the right track?  It's such a weird feeling!  I have been scouring blogs, websites, magazines in search of ideas and direction for our candle biz!  In order to hold myself accountable, I decided I would post 10 goals to the blog.  Periodically, I will go back to review this list and update our accomplishments.

1. Create a business plan.  SCORE is a wonderful resource for direction on a business plan.

2. Take a photography class.  Legacy Pics is holding a class on Feb 19th, so I will be able to cross this one off my list very soon!

3. Get organized!  I will update my biz records monthly---I have decided to set aside the 1st Monday of every month for this activity.

4. Send applications for 2 new festivals.  I think we'll try The Pork Festival and the Yellow Springs Street Fair.

5.  Wholesale Wholesale Wholesale!  Our goal is to get our products in 6 retail stores this year.  I have already received some amazing tips from Justine, the Handmade Marketer.

6. Ensure our product pricing is correct.

7. Get some Etsy sales!  We've had 5, and I am extremely thankful for those sales. However, I would like to sell a minimum of 5 items per month.

8. Blog weekly....I will try to blog a little more frequently, but I know I can post weekly.  In addition to the blogging, I am going to try and find interesting topics.  I certainly don't want to bore my readers!

9. Create fun and elegant products for our upcoming bridal show!

10. Finally, recognize our accomplishments!

Oh, and just a little plug for myself....these are my new handmade Valentine's Day Cards!  You can purchase one for your sweetie at Simply Scrappee.  My new Etsy shop was inspired by a personal goal---scrapbook my wedding & honeymoon from 2006---LOL!  

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  1. great goals. smart to write them down.
    I must check out the Yellow Springs Street Fair. If not a vendor, I would love to attend!