Saturday, January 30, 2010

February is "Love Movie Month"

My husband and I subscribe to Blockbuster online, which is kind of like Netflix...same concept.  At any rate, he jokes that he is able to control very few things in our household.  Therefore, he gets to control our "movie queue".  Since he's a pretty good husband (wink wink), he devotes February to "love movies" just for me!  I think he secretly likes some of the romantic comedies out there, but shhhhh....don't tell!  We actually started watching our February movies a little early this year.

Here are a few movies that I would recommend:

1. Definitely, Maybe is at the TOP of my list.  It was soooo cute! 
2. The Proposal another hilarious flick! Can you tell that I like Ryan Reynolds??
3. Knocked Up Adorable~love Seth Rogen to pieces!
4. Juno Heartwarming and witty!
5. The Ugly Truth Love that guy, too!

Sooo, grab your sweetie (or BFF), a snack, a glass of wine and curl up in a warm blanket for "Love Movie Month"!